I'm coming to the final coats of paint on the Strip dinghy that I've been building, so I've started my next project.
A stitch and glue Kayak for my 6 year old daughter.
I picked up 2 sheets of 4 mm Okuume from a local plywood supplier this afternoon.
The plans only need 1 sheet, but I need some to put new decks on my Catamaran hulls at some stage so thought it was no more effort to get 2.
It was pretty cheap, and seems to be OK even if it has a micro thin veneer on both sides, making 5 plys in total.

[IMG]20171101_172506 by Craig Slack, on Flickr[/IMG]

I then printed the A4 sheet showing the offsets for the panels which there are 6 in total.
I have a roll of heavy paper so got the bottom drawn, spiled with a leftover strip from the dinghy and then cut out on the kitchen counter.

[IMG]20171101_200452 by Craig Slack, on Flickr[/IMG]

Hopefully I can get this completed before summer is over. Nick Schade thinks a weekend and a few evenings is what it takes, but this is my first S&G.