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Thread: Wood moisture value?

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    Default Wood moisture value?


    I'm looking to purchase a moisture meter. What are you finding is the best quality for lowest price? Seems to be lots out there.

    My purpose in obtaining is trying to keep track of water that might be hidden in the bilge of my '58 Penn Yan Swift when it is stored for the winter.

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    I own two. The first - Lignomat - is for the shop. It is excellent. The second - General - a less expensive model, I take out into the woods, and don't mind if it gets ruined.

    These are both 'pin types', and have been perfectly adequate for my needs. There are also 'EMF' (aka 'pinless') types that don't pierce (disfigure?) the wood.

    If you are frequently attempting to track moisture content in thicker timber (8/4+)... you might want to consider the 'hammer-type'... which drives a sensor deeper into the stick.

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    The EPA office gave me a moisture meter to test our firewood. Free is the good price! Check with them and you might get one too. Our neighbor was complaining about my smoke for the first three minutes of firing up our catalized stove in the shop. Turns out the Vermont Casting stove I have is rated as one of the best ones made for EPA compliance. We proved to be 100% in compliance! Even far beyond it. The neighbor moved. ! The last time we saw him, before they left, was when he and his wife were picking Dandelion sprouts out of their front lawn with tweezers!

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