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Thread: Bolger updated catfish beach cat

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    Default Bolger updated catfish beach cat

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for any one who may have a copy of the line drawing updated version 589 that I can look at. I really want to build the Bobcat but I would like to be able to carry 4 on calm days as an option. The beach cat should do that but the original plan with no disrespect to Bolger, may sail very well but doesn't look all that comfortable and I would like to keep the centerboard with a barn door rudder.

    It looks like the plans may be available from his wife for 150. But it would seem to be hit or miss from the threads I've read. If you have seen this boat or seen the plans, can you comment a little on the cockpit comfort and amount of ballast needed. Perhaps I should find a more common boat but I have my heart set on a gaff rigged catboat. Unfortunately it would seem you can't build one capable of 4 people with a huge increase in overall weight. Is it possible to build a plywood catboat for 4 that comes in under 1500 lbs?

    Great forum, thanks for any input good or bad that I can use to help decide to go further or keep looking.

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    Default Re: Bolger updated catfish beach cat

    What about Charles Wittholtz , corvus. 14 foot. That's the one I've go my heart set on.

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