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Thread: Choosing an appropriate Atkin tunnel stern design

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    Default Choosing an appropriate Atkin tunnel stern design

    Hello, everyone I am seeking a bit of advice, and have some questions in choosing a plan to build from

    I've taken a real liking to the Atkin tunnel stern and "seabright" style hull forms, particularly the very shallow drafting models, specifically; the Shoals Runner, Heron, and Rescue Minor - the latter which Im aware has been discussed at length on these pages.

    I have been trying to choose between the three but it's proving a struggle

    Rescue Minor - is very appealing for its size and construction (ply on frame, which I am familiar with) but I am just not thrilled with the motor/shaft placement, as well as the "hook" in the transom that doesn't appear in the later developed shoals runner, or the smaller heron...I'm skepticaI... I would probably just run the shaft straight and reduce or remove that hook. However I'm wary of the headaches this could cause. I appreciate these elements in the context of the boat design, as well at Atkins skill as an architect, but I'm just...not into the weirdness.

    Heron- is the smallest, 17', I like the boat a lot, it looks great, it would fit my needs well. however it is batten-seam planked unlike the RM and SR to introduce some flam and tumblehome..or whatever it's all called. I'm not comfortable with batten seam, or planking in general. Is there a reason double diagonal/cold mold wouldn't work? - or how about glued lapstrake? I'd like to try that. I would like to hear feedback about this especially...

    Shoals Runner - is the largest (22') and I've come to realize it's a bit too large for my work space :/ . I love the Normand stern, and as it is drawn I wouldn't want to rework or modify anything, close to a perfect boat for me IMO - but it would also require a bigger motor (significantly more $) Maybe some years down the road I could get to it.. I hope so...that boat is cool as hell

    So yeah, I guess it's the heron (in cold mold or lapstrake??) or a "dumbed down" rescue minor? After typing this out I've sort swayed back to the RM from the Heron, but I definitely like the runabout shape of the heron more than the RM..idk kinda stumped

    Please let me know what y'all think

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    Default Re: Choosing an appropriate Atkin tunnel stern design

    Nobody can tell you what you like or what you want.

    "...but I'm just...not into the weirdness." That's a false statement, you're looking at Tunnel Stern Seabrights, hulls don't get much more weird!

    RM has been built by a bunch of people, it's not that complex. There's no hook in the hull panels, just a gentle tapering down of the tunnel aft. There are benefits to that which are still in tunnel designs today. You can put the shaft in straight if you choose, plenty of people have. Just be aware she's a turd backing up without it. Fine forward, but poor in reverse.

    RM is the simplest build, but far more complex than many boats her size and capability.

    Jacques Mertens also took a crack at redesigning Shoals Runner for contemporary glued construction, so take a look at his study plans as well. He had some other thoughts on it, and it has a little more of the runabout shape you like.


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