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    I have been hanging around the forum for a number of years, drifting in and out, wanting to build an Oughtred beach cruiser but having noplace to work. That is now changing. I will soon have a garage with enough room to build the boat I want. I have flirted with a number of other lovely designs during this time, but when it came time to make the purchase I chose Iain Oughtred's J2. Thank you Edward Pearson for telling me of the strip option for J2. I choose to build in strip because I have a spinal injury, and I believe it will be easier to rip and strip than to scarf sheets of plywood and handle the large panels. It also allows me to buy all of my wood locally. I have purchased the plans directly from Mr. Oughtred, who said "Pleased with your choice of Boat!"

    Special thanks to Peter Sibley.

    You have been an inspiration, Peter. You have helped me realize that every day I wake up is a good one. Thank you. I am looking forward to seeing you at the helm of your Jim.

    I feel like a member of the forum now, rather than just an interloper. I'm as excited as a teenager who has just been handed the keys to a Corvette. I am looking forward to the build and to enjoying her with my grandchildren. I will soon be moving, probably the first week of September. I will then need to set up shop, build a work bench, make a strong back, purchase materials, etc., and so there will be some time between now and when I actually start building. I will post my progress on a building thread.

    This is taking some time as I am hopping in and out to watch the eclipse.

    A big thank you to my fellow forum members who have taken the time to answer questions from a dreamer and now a neophyte builder. Please do not wander far from your computers as I will be pestering you constantly with questions. Wishing you all great sailing - John
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