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Thread: Irish gandelow - finished and launched - video

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    Default Irish gandelow - finished and launched - video


    Some of you may have been following the build blog for the 15-foot Irish gandelow (with plans) over the last six months or so.

    It is now finished and was named 'Swansong' at a ceremony in the UK in June (photos on the blog).

    However, it could not really come alive till it had been launched in Ireland and tested and rowed by the boat-builders and fishermen there. At the start of July, I took the boat to Limerick where Tony Daly (AKA Sparrow, a local gandelow-builder) gave the boat the once over and said it was a 'proper gandelow' (even though they are usually built 23-foot long) - praise indeed!

    Later that month the boat took part in the Glandore Classic Regatta (article here, and a Tweet here).

    But the real excitement was when the 'Little Gandelow' had her first row by two people, and 'seagoing' voyage in the Altantic of south-western Ireland (videos here). What a great little boat this has turned out to be ...

    Swansong has now been given to the A K Ilen School and Network for Wooden Boat Building for use by her students and as a pattern to copy / adapt.

    Thanks to all who have supported this charitable activity.
    Best wishes, Patrick

    PS: Forgot to say, the WB Launchings page has more about the rowers in the photo below.

    PPS: Next boat? An R H Baker 'Piccolo' ... I think ... if I can get suitable quality wood, which is difficult in the UK ...

    any one know quality wood suppliers in the UK please let me know! Thanks.

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    Default Re: Irish gandelow - finished and launched - video

    That is sweet.
    It really is quite difficult to build an ugly wooden boat.

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    Default Re: Irish gandelow - finished and launched - video

    Great job. My nearest town of any size, Portsmouth New Hampshire, has a local boat type called a "Gundelow" it's essentially a flat bottom barge with a lateen rig. The similarity is in name only

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    Hi Hwyl,

    Yes, I had heard of the gundalow before but had got a bit confused about what it was.

    On the river Severn here, but you may already know this, there used to be a boat called 'trow' which sounds like the same sort of general-purpose barge (, or see Colin Green's book 'Severn Traders). I think there were as many variations as boat-builders!

    Ciao, P

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    Hi All,

    I've updated the gandelow-building blog to include pictures from the Glandore Boat festival in Ireland

    Including showing how it is possible to sail this flat-bottomed keel-less, rudder-less fishing boat.

    Also, I have been doing some repairs to the underside of my 'Tideway' sailing dinghy (see related post about turning boats upside down).

    Best wishes, P

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