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Thread: Redwing 18 trailer

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    Default Redwing 18 trailer

    I'm building a Redwing 18 and am very nearly in need of a trailer for it. Any advice on what trailer to purchase, whether bunk or roller, etc.

    In looking at trailer manufacturer specs, I'm having a difficult time figuring what would be appropriate. I figure the boat will way less than 1200 lbs all in and the bottom is never wider than 5 feet, but trailers designed for these specs also tend to expect a shorter boat....hmmph.


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    Default Re: Redwing 18 trailer

    down here CraigsList is a fruitfull source

    having your dimensions and knowing what questions to ask helps

    i am a fan of flat bunks for wooden hulls w/ the weight being carried on the shoe and the side bunks more for balance

    the weight of my skiff rides on a wide flat carpeted bunk that is contoured to fit the full length of the boat

    the carpeted side bunks are kinda like outriggers butt do carry some weight also

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