THIRD TIME !!!! A potential hire supposed to show up this morning at 8:00 am - no call, no text, no email, no show grrrrr

I had a 30 min phone interview, she was excited, told me she is passionate about animals and is looking forward to working with us. I asked her when she was available to come in. She said Wednesday, I said great, do you have a pen and paper I'll give you our address and we will see you at 8:00 am. I even went so far as to kid with her about other candidates that no call, no text, no email, no show. I explained that the most important thing is to be on time. Yesterday at noon I politely texted her that we were looking forward to meeting her tomorrow, no text back. At 8:00 pm last night I called, it went straight to VM I said again, see you tomorrow at 8:00 pm, no response. This morning at 7:50 am I texted and called, no response. it's 9:00 Renee left at 8:30.

What do I do?