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Thread: Newfoundland is a windy place. . . .

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    Default Newfoundland is a windy place. . . .

    Newfoundland is a windy place.

    This house on Woods Island, Bay of Islands, wasn't tied down, and was overturned by a strong wind.

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    Default Re: Newfoundland is a windy place. . . .

    In Annie Proulx's book about Newfoundland, "Shipping News", a house was held down with cables against the wind.
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    Default Re: Newfoundland is a windy place. . . .

    I can see a corner of Woods Island from the corner of my living room window, but not this particular place. As far as wind goes, Woods Island is near the Blow me Down Mountains but not near Wreckhouse. The community from Woods Island is resettled, so most of the houses that are now there are just cabins, pretty small and mostly without any sort of foundation.

    The Avalon Peninsula on the eastern side of the island also gets wicked winds because it is on the track of the Hurricane systems coming north along the east coast. I was visiting St. John's once and when in my friend's place in the evening during Igor the lights went out; huge trees in a park had fallen on the city's power lines.

    I'm just up the Great Northern Peninsula now, and had to switch some of my work around; better to visit the barren coastal headland in winds with 25 knot gusts than in 35 knot gusts, and those are just pretty average summer days up here. This is the country where the Fishing News is set, but cables on houses aren't standard procedure. I was once here in sustained fall winds of ~40 knots and there were a few bits of siding flying off the houses and in the B&B it was hard to sleep because everything was howling and rattling. You had to lean hard against the wind to walk. Most of the houses are built in the open right on the coast and it is hard to grow any upright trees in the little towns.

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    Default Re: Newfoundland is a windy place. . . .

    The Maritimes and Newfoundland is great sailing country, contrary to where I'm at, at the moment. Water is colder in Newfie, different to some other places back there. The boat I have out here is very different than the one I'll have if I ever get back home! / Jim

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