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Thread: Info on this gorgeous little boat?

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    Default Info on this gorgeous little boat?

    Fellow boat people -- can anyone identify the provenance of this gorgeous little boat, which is resting comfortably on the screened porch of a house in the woods in Otis, Mass., in the Berkshires? It's a mere 90 inches long, with a beam of 30 inches. It's skin on frame, with a skin that appears to be green-painted canvas. It has rudder fittings at the stern and a place forward to mount a slender mast, so it looks like it once sported a small sail rig. As you can see, the level of craftsmanship is very high, and it is beautifully preserved (but I don't think it has been restored). To me, it looks like it might have come from an Adirondacks builder in the late 19th century. Any thoughts? (Also, any step-by-step instructions on how to add photos? I've reduced the size of the images, but I can't seem to get the upload utility to work.)

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    Read the FAQ form photo posting, but do not use Photobucket.
    Control yourself. Avoid posting BIG pictures. Keep them 500 pixels wide OR LESS. That way the dial-up folks aren't bogged-down, and the width doesn't make the page hard to read in a standard sized window. If you don't have Photoshop, try the freebie from We do NOT host your images. You need to have a place like Flickr, Imagestation, Photobucket, DropBox, or one of the free other hosting outfits... or your own site. Per Thorne's 'How-to', here's how to post photos on this forum:

    ...FIRST - Don't attach photos. Only a tiny version will display.
    ...SECOND - Post the photos on the web. Use your own website or a free image hosting service like,, picturetrail, photobucket, etc. Images posted on Facebook must be set to "Public" access via the Edit option, not limited to "Friends".

    ...THIRD - Once posted on the web, right-click the photo to "Copy Image Location", or drag the photo to another browser window, then copy the image URL (web address) which will end in ".jpg". You can test by pasting the photo URL into the location field (http://* ) of a web browser and see if the photo displays. Remember that this process will not work for photos located just on your computer, on members-only Yahoo groups, or on Facebook unless set to "Public" view. (In Flickr - You usually have to first click the photo to bring up the black-framed viewer, then click the "View All Sizes" link near the top right. Then you can get the image URL by right-clicking the image. Alternately you can go to the Actions menu on the upper left, then select "View All Sizes".

    ...FOURTH - DO THIS EVERY TIME TO POST IMAGES IN THREADS: A. In any "Reply" window you can click the "insert image" icon --> a little yellow square icon with a dot at each corner, a tiny tree in the center. Depending on browser version and Reply/Edit status, this may bring up a simple window with a field to paste the URL into, or the "Add an Image" window described below.
    B. If the window titled "Add an Image" comes up, click the "From URL" tab, paste the URL of the photo in the field, deselect the box for "Retrieve remote file and reference locally", then click the "INSERT IMAGE" button. The Forum software will resize some large images, so look at your post to see the actual displayed images.

    It really is quite difficult to build an ugly wooden boat.

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    I suggest either Google photos or Post
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    Default Re: Info on this gorgeous little boat?

    I live 1/2 an hour from Otis, was just there today. Hope you get a picture up! (don't worry, I'm not looking for any more small boats...)

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