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Thread: New headliner fabric used a polyester tablecloth.

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    Default New headliner fabric used a polyester tablecloth.

    Replaced the beat up old headliner on the exterior by the doors.
    I used a polyester white tablecloth from walmart. Polyester is durable fabric.
    Sewed the edges over, stapled on with SS staples.
    This material will unravel after being cut, so the edges need to be hemmed over.
    I burned the hole for the wires where the light sits with a soldering gun, that melts the fabric so it wont shred.
    It is harder than it looks! I think it looks good.

    Next, I need to get some tiny SS screws to attach the wood trim, I got the large one tight as a drum.

    Also plan to spray with Scotchgard fabric protector to repel stains and dirt.

    Tough to get this shot

    This little one was hard to staple into that small space
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