While trying to sort out the building of a new Tyvek (Sorry Todd, I'd see if you were back in business, but cash flow...) balanced lug for a Bolger Gypsy...

OK, the pics were gone from the post below. I noticed that the piccture description has a unique character string...
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For Christmas, my wife made a bag for me to carry the rudder and tiller into so that they are easy to transport as I remove them for trailering and storage.
I tried a google image search with the text in quotes: " wife made a bag for me to carry the rudder" This is the result

And the first image was:
The link is a mile long and will not embed the image here. OH well, You can find the pictures, but it is a pain in the neck. You have to copy a line from each post to see more pics from the same thread.
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