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Thread: When to Epoxy

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    As expected Dave, the leading brands have high marks.
    Denise, Bristol PA, Oday30, Anchor Yacht Club, On tidal Delaware River. my current project;

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    they are strong but the scrapes n scratches make ya crazy,
    That's one (about the only one) thing that I liked better about the polyester we used to use. It was harder than the current epoxy resins and didn't scratch very deeply. The trick was finding a specific resin and application system that really stuck well to wood and which did not delaminate on impact like the vast majority of polyesters did (and still do). The first time I really nailed a rock in a stripper was in Quetico on a trip. I had my first 18' Micmac (polyester resin on Sitka spruce) loaded with gear and we ran over one of those big rocks that somebody hides just under the surface at full speed. The canoe's bottom humped up and you could see the packs rise and fall as it passed, while making a really loud and terrible sound. We headed straight for the shore, expecting to find that we had torn half the glass off the bottom. When we turned the boat over though, all we had was a scratch, and not a very deep one. When we got home, I threw some varnish on it and it pretty much disappeared. You can add stuff to epoxy to get that sort of hardness, but not if you want to maintain the resin's clarity.

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