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Better sound:
That looks a lot like the 10 gauge Winchester cannon our yacht club used when I was a kid. In this litigious day I can't imagine a knowledgeable adult having anything whatsoever to do with it. It was always an attraction to us 10 and 11 year olds, became less so when we aged a bit and it dangerously became just another fixture in the summer evening races.

We all knew the cone of destruction from its bore, the scorched and flattened dandelions and grass perfectly delineated it. It was mounted on a piece of plywood. You had to place your foot on the plywood then pull the cable - put your foot in the wrong place and the thing could pivot around and the cone of destruction wound up in an unintended direction. Then there were the 10 gauge blanks rolling around in the storage box. I don't think anyone ever counted them. They were an attraction too. Only one young kid that I knew actually stole a couple. He couldn't hide the deed because of the burns on his face. He sat on the curb, emptied the powder from the blanks in the gutter in front of him and lit it.