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Thread: Pascagoula Diamond Bottom Catboat 1950s

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    Default Pascagoula Diamond Bottom Catboat 1950s

    We are trying to locate information on diamond bottom catboats that were built and raced in Pascagoula in the 1950s. Mr Olson (sp?) was one builder who worked at Mike Flecha's shipyard. We know of several that were built, ROSE, REBEL, DRIFTWOOD, MOONLIGHT, TROUBLE and BLACK CAT. By description the bottom was cross planked and the sheer lengthwise, with only 6 inches or so of sheer. Built from cypress. Longleaf keel and spars. Centerboard with a barn door rudder. ROSE was last seen in Biloxi, painted yellow.

    From another thread I saw lines from Chapelle of a Newport Diamond Bottom from the 1880s, curious if the Pascagoula boats were derivatives?

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