The 4th Annual Port Aransas plyWooden Boat Festival is October 20-21, 2017 in the Gulf Coast beach town of Port Aransas, Texas. Bring your boat to show at the boat show. Boat show entry is free and entrants are eligible for door prized and awards. All wooden boats are welcome. This is not a spit and polish show! You can even bring an unfinished boat, a boat needing restoration or a wooden boat to sell.

The centerpiece of our Festival is our Family Boatbuilding where family teams build up boats in just three days. It will be a free for all: free informative presentations, free kids activities, and free boat rowing and paddling. A flee market and food and beer will be there, too.

Invited speakers:
  • Dave Gentry
  • Howard Rice
  • Jacques Mertens
  • Tom Pamperine

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See you there.