Does anyone have any experience with Colean finishes? One of my students built a Mobjack Bay kayak to Dave Gentry's design and did a beautiful job of it. The boat is skinned with Polyester fabric.

In the fall, she obtained the Colean with their "tint" to make it a red boat along with their thinner. She applied two coats of finish in the Fall before it became too cold for her to work in the space she had available. They looked great, but she hadn't applied enough finish for the color to be uniform and to meet the manufacturer's thickness. So, earlier this Spring, she needed to apply some more coats once the weather turned warm enough. Because she waited longer than 14 days to apply subsequent coats of finish to achieve their recommended 1mm coating thickness, she followed the manufacturer's recommendation to sand the surface prior to re-coating to give the surface some "tooth".

Here's the problem - the coating that she applied after sanding is coming up in sheets like a bad sunburn.

Suggestions? Voices of experience with this stuff?