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That's true, flats with different angles for each of the 3 (4) bolts. Still, it would be nice if I could manage to do it in the shape of the washer instead of cutting out a square piece.

It's on the bench and I've tried with chisels on the lowest of the holes, the one were the angle for me is the easiest to achieve, and it didn't go too bad. Not perfect but not bad. Just to give it a try I started with the second one. Free-hand I found it difficult to get the correct angle started and the same will be happening with the next one. I'll give it a bit more of a thinking-session tonight. Right now I think having some kind of a guide/straight-edge in miniature-format attached to the side would be something that will help me tremendously - but, the night is just starting and I might wake up with a better solution :-D!
If you do not have a round gouge in your kit, use a smaller chisel and cut the pocket 8 sided (actually5 ) as if you were rounding a spar. You can check for squareness as you go by putting the nut on a short dowel or bolt that will slip into the hole as you pare the pocket down. You could even superglue a washer to the nut on your dowel for the correct diameter flat.