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Thread: marijuana as a gateway drug

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    Quote Originally Posted by lupussonic View Post
    Humans have been getting high in one form or another since we could walk on 2 feet, in fact some say that's how we started to walk on 2 feet. Yet to this day there has never been an intelligent debate, nor intelligent legislation concerning drugs. I include alcohol and tobacco in that statement.
    There is a lot of truth to that statement. The Canadian government is about to legalize recreational marijuana. The current legislation seems to deal exclusively with smoking the stuff. None of the brilliant civil servants who draft the legislation appear to have considered cookies, muffins, etc. so the whole thing will have to be re-drafted next year. I haven't done hash in years but if I had a choice between smoking or eating I would sure choose eating. The provinces are all in a tizzy because they are in charge of deciding who gets to sell the stuff. The morons in Ontario are running around in circles.

    I didn't realize that in Ontario craft beers can not be sold in anything larger that a 4 pack. Stupid regulation.

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    "Do da best you can... But first take care of head."

    There is nothing you can do with an ape/human hybrid. They'll rip your arm off.

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