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Thread: Fredriksund/ Alborg Jolle?

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    Default Fredriksund/ Alborg Jolle?

    Hi, Im looking forward to build a new boat,
    this time not SoF but traditional clinker planking (no plywood, no Epoxy)
    Im thinking of a Scandinavian double ender, keel - no centerboard,
    length about 5-7 meters. Rowing should not be so important, I like the
    idea of having a small inboard engine (I should find a engine before starting the build?)
    so it can be a wider, more seaworthy shape (narrow below the waterline, wide at top) that can carry more sail (simple Sprit/Fock/Topsail configuration, maybe a jib?)
    It also should have a ring deck or at least end decks to store some things dry.
    I dont know if there are plans with more details (other than lines and dimensions) around.
    I also like the Bornholm Salmon boats a lot, but maybe building and keeping one would be too expensive for my budget...
    Maybe something like a Sjgt, Snipa or Fredriksund/Alborg Jolle?

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    Default Re: Fredriksund/ Alborg Jolle?

    Is this close to the type of boat you are looking at building?

    He might have an idea whether there are more detailed plans than just linesplans. I have a feeling that for traditional boats there may not be much beyond the linesplans. The other knowledge that used to get transmitted in apprenticeships is now probably mostly passed down through traditional boat building books and courses.

    It seems to be a phenomenon of modern designs that the shape and location of every little thing is prescribed and that the plans come with a how-to manual.

    If you could talk to a person at the Maritime Museums in the geographic area where the boats you are interested originate you might find out more than what's online about what designs have plans available and the level of detail of the plans.

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    Default Re: Fredriksund/ Alborg Jolle?

    Are you familiar with the work of Christian Nielsen?

    There is also a cd-rom available with the drawings
    An appetizer can be forund here.. (scroll down a bit)

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    Default Re: Fredriksund/ Alborg Jolle?

    There's also free plans on the net:
    That site har several traditional danish wooden boats if you browse around

    Vere nice boat but i prefere flat stern. So did the fishermen for better space. With a flat stern you have a "julle"...a traditional fishingboat on the swedish westcoast and south norway.
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    Default Re: Fredriksund/ Alborg Jolle?

    Quote Originally Posted by BOI View Post
    Is this close to the type of boat you are looking at building?
    The plans for that boat was bought from here
    What usually is included apart from the plans is a sheet of paper stating some dimensions and what kinds of wood was used, but no building instructions.
    There may be some plans to be found here too but the site is really hard to use, my experience is that you need to search too generally to not miss what you want so you end up wading through tons of things you don't want.
    Anyways, Swedish for double ender is "snipa" except for in the southeast where it's called "rundgatting" or for small boats "jaktkanot".

    Boats with transoms were really rare in Sweden before the use of motors. Except for here in the southeast where the double ended Rundgatting became popular at the same time because it could carry more weight aft than the transom equipped Blekingseka.

    My blog about my time as a boat building student and as a rigger apprentice in Swedish only, but there are many pictures :-)

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