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Thread: Buccanneer 18 Expertiese ?

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    Default Buccanneer 18 Expertiese ?

    It's not wood, sorry, but I need something to sail while I find what I want to build.

    Any knowledge about the boat would be appreciated.
    Flaws, potential damage spots.

    I've read thru the history and scanned the "tuning" guide.


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    Default Re: Buccanneer 18 Expertiese ?

    Which one? Chrysler, Bayliner, or Nichols? The Chrysler had a pretty good designer and has been around for quite a long time, which usually means she's a decent boat. A little too much boat for my retired bones to handle. Wouldn't touch any Bayliner...
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    Default Re: Buccanneer 18 Expertiese ?

    I had a huge crush on that design after seeing it at a Baltimore boat show. I was recently surprised that and other forum entries found thru google still give a rich background on it's tradeoffs, so I could find some solace for a now forgotten alternative that I ended up getting.

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    Default Re: Buccanneer 18 Expertiese ?

    I had a friend back in the 1970's that owned one. He let my sail it and I liked it a lot. A good performance boat for the money. There are still a few of them around here and often they can be picked up at a very reasonable cost (under $1K w/trailer).

    There is the downside that you sit on the deck, not on a seat. Like I said, a performance boat. My Melges MC scow has the same downside and after 25 years ownership I still accept the performance vs. comfort trade off.

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