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Thread: First run of the season

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    Default First run of the season

    The Big Laramie River is high enough to run, so we did. Cloudbursts and hail muddied the water and there's not much green yet.

    The river cuts through a mountain ridge above our place and another one below. This is the start of the narrows below our house.

    At higher water, there are rollers on this reach, but it's pretty gentle now. The rapids start where the river drops out of sight.

    The take-out is a log cabin resort and saloon, owned by our friends. This is my big cat, 15 ft. Two kayakers staying at the resort got beta on the river from me and launched right after we did. So their mates are poised for the photo op as the come in.

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    Default Re: First run of the season

    Looks like a beautiful day! Congrats on getting out on the water.

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