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Thread: Want to get on Classic week 2017 in Cowes

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    Default Want to get on Classic week 2017 in Cowes

    Hi comrades,

    Who could give an advice how to become a crew member of any classic yacht who take part in Panerai British Classic Week 2017?
    I'm a yacht captain and boatbuilder, my thread here is
    I live rather far from the place of the event and would be happy to meet with the owner or captain or crew of the boat who need additional deck hands or watchkeeper on the race period.

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    Default Re: Want to get on Classic week 2017 in Cowes

    Try this forum here:

    And start contacting some of the UK yacht clubs who will likely have yachts competing in the event to see if you can get onto their crew registers.

    Other than that you could look to register with some of the commercial crewing agencies, some will charge you to register while others will charge the yacht owners for finding them crew.

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