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Thread: James River Marathon / Outboard association races 1950's

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    Default James River Marathon / Outboard association races 1950's

    Disclaimer: Seem to be on a wild goose chase...

    I may have a boat built by a man who made racing runabouts for the James River Marathons / Outboard association races some time around the 1950's. He supposedly built a single and double cockpit model with tongue and groove planked sides and had a small aluminum fin on the bottom. I have a double cockpit model with mahogany marine plywood tops, plywood bottom, vollrath steering assembly and tongue and groove planking on the sides.

    If anyone has knowledge pertaining to this (or knows someone who may) I would appreciate the input.

    Pictures of the boat are located on previous post on this forum by me: Here

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    Default Re: James River Marathon / Outboard association races 1950's

    Matt, the boat looks vaguely familiar. I raced BU class stock utility boats in 1949-1951. Afraid i can't provide info about your boat. I did notice the absence of a dead-man's throttle in the photo.Would love to hear from the owner if he would share tales of the Marathon or date(s) of same. I think the race ran from Richmond to Norfolk in 1950, and supposedly in the reverse direction in 1951. I do wish you well in your search.
    Charlie (Chaos)
    Richmond, VA

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