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    I posted earlier about building a LYS 16' skiff and I have even visited Old Wharf Dory and spoke with the owner about various issues and ideas when I am building it. I once owned a stur dee 16' skiff and have night mares of the never ending beating I took in it in a chop and it seemed to dig in a lot when turning, making it very uncomfortable at times. The stur dee skiff (Amesbury) was good boat other wise and good to fish off of, with the exception of the previous issues. The Chines came in the stern which, I think, made it dig in when turning. I guess I was looking to get good news that the LYS16' would not act the same when turning and it would not pound quite as much as the stur dee 16' did. The stur dee was all fiberglass and I had a 25' Honda 4 stroke. I plan on also putting a 25-30 hp engine on the LYS. Dockage here is getting quite expensive so will be able to tow the LYS with my Element.

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    I will look forward to your build. I also have visited Walt...nice guy, and what a shop he has! I have finished my LYS hull...glassed it, primed it etc., and I am now starting to work on the CC, forward casting deck and stern seat/flotation chambers. I have made my share of mistakes and over thought most things. I constantly go back and forth between making it super nice or just bang it out and get fishing...all and all tho, a very rewarding experience. You are lucky to be close to Jamestown Dist...excellent resource..especially enjoyed the vid series on building a skiff. There is a ton of info on this forum and YouTube about the build. Have you seen this one?

    Someday I'll get off my butt and post some pictures...good luck with the build!

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    It's going to pound when driven too fast. Run it at a speed appropriate to the water, and you'll be surprised what it can do...


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