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    Quote Originally Posted by Chip-skiff View Post
    Okay. You can see it and so can I. But I have thousands of pics and am not keen on transferring them (time + aggravation) to yet another hosting site. As I recall, there have been complaints about Photobucket as well: lost files, etc. This is the only website I frequent with this sort of constant trouble, and I've had issues not only with photos but with poofed content and having to log in repeatedly when it says I'm already logged in. At times, it's like swimming upstream in a river of sh*t.
    This is far from an isolated incident. When the Forum was new, a terabyte cost a lot more than it does today. Why can't Woodenboat support a group that consists largely of paying subscribers with some storage space? Failing that, why not direct users to use one or more of the free image hosting sites that don't require an account to post images? possibly: <<EDIT -- removed suggested site -- image search found inappropriate content. >>

    As a technically recalcitrant OF, I don't have any stored images, hence no personal experience to relate. There appear to be a number of options readily available:[/QUOTE]
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