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Thread: BOHICA, Palm Beach County.

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    Default BOHICA, Palm Beach County.

    Palm Beach County Sheriff:

    I told him we were incurring these expenses, and he said, Im going to take care of law enforcement,  Bradshaw said. We were having a conversation, and he said, Im a big supporter of law enforcement; you guys are doing a good job down here with the Secret Service, and I dont expect that you guys are doing it for free. So he gets it; he knows whats happening.

    That Sheriff has been conned.

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    Default Re: BOHICA, Palm Beach County.

    He will pay the sheriff with in-kind product like old branded steaks or vodka, maybe even a tie or two?

    " Take the cash, don't let them pay you in kind, take the cash. "
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    Next election, vote against EVERY Republican, for EVERY office, at EVERY level. Make Lincoln great again.

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    Default Re: BOHICA, Palm Beach County.

    Interesting article from the Palm Beach County POV:
    "If it ain't broke, you're not trying." - Red Green

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