I am working on refurbishing a 26' powerboat. I have never had it in the water. I took the 5'-6' shaft out today and it goes through a fiberglass tube. It has a plain plastic bushing on the inside end and a regular cutlass bearing on the aft end. The plastic bearing was torn up. Here it is before removal. I might add that it is 30 years old.

here it is out:

According to the previous owner the boat had one of these plastic bearings at each end originally. He replaced the aft one with a cutlass bearing. It originally had a conventional stuffing box but I will be installing a PSS shaft seal. Perhaps I don't need the forward bearing. If I replace it I don't know what it is made of or where to get one. McMaster-Carr has a variety of non-metallic bearing that might work but I have no idea which one and none of them have the thick and wide diameter flange. I do wonder about having a close tolerance bearing with the PSS and water flow. By the way the shaft is 1.25"