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Thread: Joining The Norwegian Coastal Federation Bodø

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    Being built in Lerwick, my boat is mostly Norwegian, and I want her smelling correct when she visits! I feel an affinity with your boats whenever I see one.

    The larger boats you sail, their decks are souped? I would be very interested to know how they are sealed, how the wood is fed, and how water tight that makes them. I am seriously considering stripping my deck of paint as it is a fragile thin layer that hides potential problems, and the wood is not really fed.

    Your experience would be valued. Maybe just tar and cotton in the seams, and then washed in secret sauce, as was the old way, no doubt.

    My decks are Northern Red Larch (larix decidua). I stripped a little part few days ago to have a look, its ten years old, mostly dry until now. It looks fine, but thirsty.

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