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"Hello All...
I am very glad to have found this forum!
I lost my father in law last year (not to canoeing I must add!) and have inherited, amongst all sorts of lost treasures, a full kit for making a Kayel Kayak Touring Double Mk 2, designed by Ken Littledyke (a sea kayak I believe?).
It appears that he bought it in 1983 and it has the instructions for making, as well as extra parts (rudder with foot controls, splash covers, 2 seats etc).
He had always intended to make it and so kept in its box, unopened during a couple of house moves.
We now live in the Midlands - as far from the sea as it is possible to get. I would love for it to have the home it deserves and for someone to be able to finally fulfil its purpose by making it and enjoying it.
Does anyone here know anyone who might want it or be able to point me in the right direction to find it a good home?
Appreciate any thoughts, advice or links." Post 261

if if you are interested go over to SOP, if you are not a member I will get a message the Tails