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Thread: table saw recommendations please :)

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    That was precisely my concern when I looked at the display model but like you say it's not hard to attach an extension, the Ryobi alongside had a full length fence and was no more solidly made but at $479 verses $219 I could not justify it, plus the Ryobi has a 3 year back to base warranty where as this one had a 3 year full replacement.


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    In case anyone is looking to gain from this thread, in response to the original post I do have the DW745. It has adequate power for hard and softwoods, cuts ply just fine as well. The fence, which is a rack and pinion system on both sides, is very accurate and stable, and has a fold out support when cutting large pieces (such as ply). The miter gauge however is junk - too much play in the track. Worth making your own. All the necessary adjustment tools, including the safety guides, store on board, and all up the whole thing is under 50 lbs weight. It has a relatively small table so although it can cut ply just fine, there's a practical size limit for safety. Agree with better blades for better results - can't use dado blades on this saw.

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