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Thread: Thixo/610 preparation

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    Default Thixo/610 preparation

    Hi all,

    I'm getting ready to glue the skeg onto my glued-lap sailboat. I thought I'd give one of the caulk-gun thickened epoxy products a try.
    Since the area where the skeg goes is made of the two garboards meeting at a slight angle, I planed a flat surface for the skeg to land on.
    This means exposed ply "end-grain." Normally, I'd wet out with neat epoxy and then do my thickened batch to avoid a starved joint.

    I'm thinking I will do the same for the Thixo, but wondered if it's not necessary. Can this stuff be used without neat epoxy prep? I wrote to the JD website, but thought I'd ask here too.


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    Default Re: Thixo/610 preparation

    I will be curious to hear what JD tells you, but I can tell you from experience that I have done the same exact procedure without neat epoxy and the joint appears to be more than adequate. I always allow for sufficient "squeeze out" and i do not think the surrounding wood absorbs enough epoxy to starve the joint.
    Time will really tell. Just IMHO.

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    Default Re: Thixo/610 preparation

    I've used Thixo extensively. Never had an issue despite not wetting out the joints with unthickend.
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