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Thread: Scow boathouse

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    Default Scow boathouse

    So I am planning on building a 30 foot shanty boat.
    I do however live in a place without access to quality materials,
    there is no way for me to get marine plywood, even hardwood
    for the frame is an issue, so far I am looking into treating
    birch or pine/spruce plywood with epoxy, and using pine construction
    studs for the hull.
    I am building a home and worried the materials I am looking at
    wont stand the environment I will be placing it in.
    do anyone have some book tips in regards to building and designing
    these kinds of vessels, the scow does seem simple and sturdy as a
    platform but I have found next to no literature on the subject of
    constructing one other then my own assumptions on design

    If anyone have some good sources, input is much appreciated thanks

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    Default Re: Scow boathouse

    3 very different approaches, all self designed, all by folks who will probably answer questions as best they can...
    Good luck with your planning. Can you buy pressure treated pine? Preserving cheap framing timber with epoxy might be a false economy. You will likely spend many thousands of dollars on epoxy regardless so best use it for essential gluing, sheathing and filling. Google triloboats for examples of barge construction with budget materials. All the best.

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