I am a little too old to be a Millennial, but FWIW like many I live in an apartment in a city.

The kayak and SUP rental places on the river are jammed on a nice summer weekend. I mean hundreds of people (yes they have that many kayaks).

However owning a boat is pretty close to a ridiculous thing for me. Two weeks ago I was seriously considering buying a pretty nice used CLC Skerry on a trailer for a good price. Then I checked the ONLY marina where you can keep a sailboat that is within an hour drive (yes it can take an hour to drive 10 miles around here): $1200/year in the yard on the trailer, dry stored boats are launched and retrieved over the bulkhead with a crane and sling apparatus. I doubt I’m going to drive an hour each way to go on 12 sails this summer: going out once a week would be a lucky year. Not going to buy a small wooden boat or any boat.

I can’t keep one in the driveway. I don’t have a driveway. I can’t park a boat on the street. The fine for parking a boat or trailer on the street in D.C. is: $1,000. Seriously!

Around here boats are for people with idle money, time, or suburban driveways. A lot of us water rats (Millennial or not) will be renting kayaks or shells and going on group sails with the local sailing club. I love small boats, I built a couple that I no longer own. Having a sailboat in a city... sounds nice.