So I know what we really want for cruising around mid-coast Maine:

But I also know that it would be many years in the making, and the kids (and, for that matter, their parents) aren’t getting any younger.

Of course, we could just buy a used plastic boat. But where is the romance in that? So my current idea is to build something now that would hold us over while I tackle the bigger, curvier project. And since the goal is for it to be done very quickly and not cost a fortune, I have been looking at flat-bottom skiffs like Old Wharf Dory’s Lumberyard Skiff and PAR’s Digger 17.

So what say you about the wisdom of adapting these fishing/pot-hauling/work craft to a family-friendly/wildlife-watching/cruising-to-the-local-watering-hole/taking-picnics-out-to-neighboring-islands craft? The area is full of bays and rivers and coves, so there are a lot of places to go without venturing more than a mile or so from shore.

Up till now we have been sailors and rowers, and so don’t have a lot of experience regarding fossil-fuel powered craft and excursions.