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Thread: Flat-bottom workboat as a family runabout?

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    Default Re: Flat-bottom workboat as a family runabout?

    One day i would like to build a flat bottomed boat, just for fun.. I love the video series by Louis Sauzedde on Youtube (Tips from a Shipwright) and hes Working skiff build. So a question: Could all the plywood flat bottom designs be adapted to a solid wood construction? It would be heavyer, but, maybe not more than one passenger,,, depending on the wood ofcourse...

    Regards Fred

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    Default Re: Flat-bottom workboat as a family runabout?

    Thanks for providing an update Christopher. Iím building an LYS 16 right now, so itís great to see a recent happy builder. Your boat looks great.

    I donít know if CJ will read this, but Iíd love to build my boat to look as finished as his. Kinda curious if that boat is still on the water and if itís held up well since 2009.

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    Yes, thanks for the update! Glad to see you enjoying a boat you built yourself.


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