I'm new to this forum so thanks in advance for any info anyone could pass along...............
Wondered if anyone could help me learn a bit about a row boat I found?
Its a Pow-Wow Craft built in Amesbury, Mass circa I don't know when; looks like maybe the 20's or 30's.............
I'm thinking about digging in to it and putting it back in the lake but Id like to know what approach to take, just get her floating again or should I take some time to restore her. She was in a boathouse here in VT for over 30 years and except for a few small areas is dry and sound. Needs a few pieces fabricated/replaced but is all there otherwise.
I like her looks and am reminded of my very first boat that served me well in Hampton Creek many (many!) years ago
I think this Dropbox link might work for a few pictures:


Also wondering (speaking of Hampton Creek) if anyone knew the last whereabouts of Robert Carr? I spent a bunch of time with him on the creek and in the bay on his Sirius (Spray replica) and the last I knew he was in Baddeck, NS....................probably passed on by now but curious if anyone on this forum knew him and where he last was.