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Thread: Wee Barkie a pocket cruiser meauring just over 25' will it get me there

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    Default Wee Barkie a pocket cruiser meauring just over 25' will it get me there

    The Wee Barkie was launched on 26 November 1977 by Bruce McKay in Bundaberg. The plans for this one off where drawn up by the naval architect Wilf O'Kell ,with Bruce providing much of the overall dimension's.At WB heart lies a Colin Archer with period influences such as Harrison Butler and others. Bruce chose Crows Ash (Flindersiae Australis) for the carvel planked hull, also known as Australian Teak which was readily available and easy to steam. For the frames he chose Spotted Gum (Corymbia) with stems made from Teatree( Leptospermum) grown on his property , she also sported a Oregon Gaff rig.Bruce sailed WB extensively along the Queensland coast, including Torres Straight using only oil lamps and a lead line ,the Old;s single cylinder engine was unreliable and sails where frequently used.1984 saw Stephen Clode take ownership shipping her to Port Adelaide and received Australian registration. Later John Clode crossed Bass Straight and WB remained in Sydney until 2005. The mast was also changed to a 31' stepped fractional rig with part of the old rig used as the 2005 she returned to Queensland I first ran my ruler across her in 2013 with inaccurately given dimensions, but dismissed her until several month later fate intervened.[IMG][/IMG]
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