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Thread: First time builder: Candu Junior Mini Tugboat

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    Default First time builder: Candu Junior Mini Tugboat

    Hi all! I've looked at wooden boats before and briefly considered building one, but I got bit hard a few weeks ago while at the new waterfront restaurant at Disney Springs:

    Most importantly, my wife agreed that it would be a cool project!

    It's a design that long timers here probably recognize as a Berkeley Engineering Perfect 10. I ordered the study plans from them, and decided that the Candu Junior was the right size and complexity for my time, space, and abilities. I was especially impressed by the look of this one (which is actually a Candu-EZ):

    My first step was to order the full plans and build the whole thing piece by piece in CAD so that I understood the plans well. I finished that about a week ago:

    There's still some details to be done but at this point I'm pretty happy with the lines. I've changed some of the lines to better suit my tastes and work better with the CNC machine that I have access to. I've started programming some panels, but I decided that the best first step would be a nice straight and firm foundation fixture:

    This will encapsulate the box keel and assist in getting the right curve to the hull floor, a good seal between the floor and the keel, and a nice straight stem.

    Hopefully I'm off to a good start. Any advice or encouragement you can offer is welcome. I'm thinking of using West System Epoxy instead of the Polyester Resin that the plans note, as I see that epoxy has been used successfully by several builders, and is more standard now than in 1997 when the plans were drawn.
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