Thanks for those photos Denise! Especially since the table saw I just bought is very similar to your setup:

Rockwell 10" contractor saw with Unifence. It's not perfect - it needs to be cleaned up a bit and I will probably make a new extension table top for it - but it runs smooth, cuts great as far as my limited experience will let me evaluate, and was owned by a professional shipwright so I expect it was well cared-for. It also came with stack of spare blades that I haven't had a chance to go through yet.

The previous owner has retired and is moving from a house to a condo so he's clearing out his wood shop. Hand planes, power tools, saws... I could easily have bought half of what he had available but in the end settled for the table saw, a Delta portable dust collector with enough hose to set up a shop twice the size of my small room, a nice Campbell slick and a marking gauge.

Less than $250 for the lot. I think I did ok.