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    Thanks, Mike. Now I'm even more surprised. I put two photos on here last night (#593 above), directly from my computer (a laptop), and now they are not there. The two links at the top of the message do not lead anywhere, and one of the photos appears again at the end as a large "thumbnail attachment" . This phenomenon appears on other threads, e.g. your one here #425. So those people must be abandoning online hosts too. Successfully, apparently.

    Thanks, Andrew. Yes, I'll try to stick to "landscape" view. I use the Windows 10 sizing system, which is quite a recent update on their old system, and easy to do. I use a separate camera which plugs into my computer for downloading. I don't have a smartphone.
    Please feel free to post a photo or two of your yacht charter trip on this thread. I'm jealous!

    Here's another go at that mast photo. It's resized to 800 px wide, my usual. OK, there it is, small.

    And here it is, at 3264 px wide, as taken.
    Oh! No better.

    Now I'll see what happens when I post this.

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