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Thread: Kotik, Kotik, Kotik!

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    I've just discovered this thread a couple days ago, and read it from top to bottom over the last day while I should have been working.

    Fascinating education you've given me! Thank you!

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    Default Re: Kotik, Kotik, Kotik!

    Thanks, Thebastidge. Glad if it helps. Are you thinking of building something?
    “Old Joke: ‘A bench fitter works to the nearest thousandth of an inch. A loco fitter (steam) works to the nearest inch. A shipwright works to the nearest ship’.”
    Alan Byde, Canoe Design and Construction, Pelham Books, 1978

    “...old maxim, 'A fair line supersedes any given measurement'.”
    Allan H. Vaitses, Lofting, International Marine, 1980

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