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Thread: 20 ft freighter canoe ( Tim's design)

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    15'9"x40"/4.8m x 1.01m Currently at 55lbs/25kg Low HP outboard or an electric trolling motor or Torqueedo.

    The boat looks very cool, Dave. I look forward to seeing it on the water. You should post it in the old codgers thread, since an arthritic one-armed 80yr old man could probably get that on and off the roof rack by himself. I don't know of any other motorboats that fit that design brief.

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    Sorry folks, I’ve still been busy working on my house and I see now that the email address I posted had a typo
    Tim Marchetti
    CNC Routing & Design

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    I just finish a 20 ft freighter from Sandypoint Boat Works this winter. She was stripped and covered in & out with F glass and epoxy.
    I milled all the strips to 1/4, but I fear this measuring is not enough to more than 15 Hp. I have corrected some details, like to using a more wide inner keel, this way the strips that arrive diagonal joint, find a wide bassis. I will try to post some photos, I don't know how!

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