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Thread: Starting a Spria Anacapa

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    I hear you loud and clear about cold and miserable. I don't recall a lousier winter, weather-wise here in Oregon.

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    Just finished painting my semi-v modified Anacapa hull. Shooting for turnover next week.

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    Great work Vic. After scanning through your findings on the motor size, I'm feeling much better about going with a smaller motor on my Tillamook. It's still early in the game for me, but will be great to have it out on the water.

    I won't bother saying 'enjoy your Anacapa'... Looks like you're hating every second of it...(not)


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    I'm resurrecting this old thread to give a 5 year update.

    Pisca Dory has been out on the water 213 times since we first launched her. That averages around 40+ times a year. She's still as tight as at first. A few more scratches and fish blood, but she is as good as new functionally.

    The little 20 hp Tohatsu still runs well. I've kept the smaller pitched prop on and I've pretty consistently gotten 15 mph average by GPS. That's fast enough to buck the rapids on the Snake and Clearwater Rivers, as long as I'm careful about rocks. It has about 350 hours on it, which shows how often we use the electric trolling motor. BTW, the built-in alternator on the Tohatsu charges two marine gel batteries in parallel pretty well. They are usually close to fully charged when I get back home.

    I sort of fell off this site when I was discouraged by the Photobucket fiasco a few years back. I'm glad the photos still sort of show up.

    But also, I've been working on a new project: scratch-building a Wag Aero 2+2 airplane. It's more than an order of magnitude bigger than the boat project. I'm into it for around 1100 hours and am half done. Can't help myself.

    But we still go out in the boat. By all parameters, for us it is a success. Flat-bottomed, yes. But shallow draft too. When it is choppy we chug along at 8mph in reasonable comfort.

    And we've caught a lot of fish.

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    Vic Bottomly--Hack of all trades ....

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