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Thread: progress photos (set 1of 2)

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    Hello everyone
    We have been given the 'hurry-up' to post photos of our building progress and despite earlier excuses of problems with the camera and then computer...I was all set to post last night but we had a power failure for 2 hours. Fortunately we are currently using the boat's gas stove for cooking, otherwise our tea would have been ruined too!!!!!
    Anyhow here is 4 of 8 photos I have uploaded:

    There is little headroom between the deck and the apex of the shed. We have rigged scaffolding along the hull sides but David works on that platform while I work from the deck. It's really quite hard on the back muscles as we move fore and aft laying down the planks. We decided to fasten with copper nails rather than s/s screws, and silicon bronze screws were just too expensive for us this time around.

    David working off the scaffolding. The deck is White Beech 45mm x 23mm with a 6mm seam for caulking with Sikaflex 290DC. We also lay down sikaflex around where the nails penetrate the deck. The deck has been glassed over with dynel using epoxy resin.
    The cap rail is Spurwood and will be varnished.

    Here is my father with David down below fastening the cabin top handrails. The rails are made of Scented Maple and will also be varnished (or oiled?).
    They are fastened from below with silicon bronze screws.
    Dad, myself and David are all super keen to get the yacht completed. When finished we will return to full time work and Dad already has plans for his next boat/s....a Hartley TS16, the Mallard and a few dinghys.

    Interior view of cabin looking forward. The cross marks where a portlight will be cut. We put in some knees in way of the mast and skylight. The cabin sides have been panelled with Qld Maple and the overhead is panelled with PNG Rosewood followed by two layers of 7mm ply. The cabin top is glassed as per the decks and it will be painted over with 2 pack polyurethane. This is the port side settee with stowage space forward and book case behind (fiddles removed at present). Stove alcove aft of settee. Panelled bulkheads will be painted white. Cardboard on front of settee is protecting facing surface. It's not really a good photo..sorry.

    Please see other post for more photos. I wasn't too certain if the programme would allow all 8 photos to be loaded here.

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    Lo all, looking good, never seen a beech deck before, ya learn somthing every day on this forum, keep up the good work
    Happiness is a Trawler conversion in a warm part of the Globe!

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    You're doing great! The light at the end of the tunnel must be a pretty sight!!!

    Regards -
    Dave & Margo

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    Goodness goodness goodness....



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    what a nice sight, this is going to be one good boat to look at.

    Keep going, even if it takes longer. I am almost done.

    Regards Ongolo

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