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Thread: JW Seagull build

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    Default JW Seagull build

    Report of a John Welsford 4.64 m Seagull row boat build.

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    Fitted the port inner gunwale after making the aft knees from pitch pine 1 inch thick stock. I used carton to make a simple template for them. To keep the gunwale in its place i used the new Ryobi nailer tool. Claps for the pressure in combination of a nail or two to prevent moving. That nailer saves me a lot of time and rework. Excellent tool advise from JW.

    Finally the boat is balanced again. I wonder if she pulled out of form because of being unbalanced for so long.
    I have to restrain myself from spending too much time finishing at this point of the build. Aft all parts are made i can start with that process.
    The center seat has been cut and dry-fitted. A doubler needs to be added beneath it still.
    The seating areas will be varnished with uv proof varnish over clear epoxy.

    Forward deck cover template and aft seat template have been made also. Good progress!

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    Looking good Rik, I agree with you on the Ryobi cordless nailer, mine is a real time saver.

    Keep up the good work, and please do keep us posted on progress.

    John Welsford
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    Thanks for chiming in John. Here is another pic showing the aft section better. The templates for the forward and aft seats are clearly visible.

    The story on this boat is that she is supposed to be sold. The revenues will be donated to the Aruba Sailing school where kids learn how to sail with optimists. The mission is to get as many kids and adults sailing as possible. The idea was to build as simple as possible but yet with lots of value for the boater. The Seagull fits that bill. Actually, a lot of JW designs do... But we chose the Seagull so the boater could row and motor efficiently.

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    After a too long period of moving house and other life-projects, the Seagull is now located close to me so I can work on her again. Woodwork is done. The fairing has commenced after the chines were taped.

    It feels real good to have my hands on her again.

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    Not fairing the entire hull; just the chines and bow which are taped and need to be faired amd smooth. I guess it should be called "filling the tape". Also added a fillet under the gunwale.
    As an experiment I made a pretty wet mix of 410 and applied it with a roller and paint brush. Avoiding drips and sagging epoxy the applied mix was stroked every half hour for few hours. A very thin layer resulted and it is pretty smooth. One more pass with the belt sander and light filler application should be enough for priming.

    The intent is to create a very strong layer of epoxy, semi filled for more bulk, around and on the tape area on the outer hull. Abbrassion protection together with a smooth look is the aim. This will be hard to sand but there will not be a lot to sand.

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    First coat of thinned primer. Some fairing follows.

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    Looking good. Have you picked a color? Keep us posted!
    David G
    Harbor Woodworks

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    Quote Originally Posted by David G View Post
    Looking good. Have you picked a color? Keep us posted!
    Hi David,

    Thanks. Color scheme is flat black rustoleum up to waterline, sailcloth color hull, gunwale finished with darker oil stain, inside grey rustoleum with bright accent of center seat. That is the only piece of wood which deserves showing off.

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    Second primer coat including some fairing. Still some spots here and there, will get those when the inside gets faired:

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    Small steps of a simple plywood boat with really nice lines...

    Bottom paint.

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    Alkyd based housepaint primer applied inside.

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    Now that is an elegant skiff.
    It really is quite difficult to build an ugly wooden boat.

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    Thank you Peerie Maa. It is a nice design yes.

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    Seat tops fitted.

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    Created very strong fillets between the hull and the seats for structural bonding. Getting close to splash.

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