John: I saw your post from months ago. I bought a Holder 12 to learn how to sail a planing hull. It has been a lot of fun. I then ran across a fiberglass Wayfarer (CL16) taht was sitting on a trailer that I wanted for another build that I have been almost finished with for a good two years. The guy said he had lost the sails, but I could have the trailer for $500, and it was damn worth it too. When I went to get the trailer he pondered about what to do with the boat. I suggested he wash it (it was in a yacht's storage yard) and I would look at it and see if I could give it away. Two things happened. First, the boat came out of the grime remarkably clean and in very good shape. Second, in a shed by the ramp where the hose was located, he noticed a blue bag with CL 16 stenciled on it. They were his lost sails--two years prior he had rinsed the boat before putting it away, and threw the sailbag in the shed next to the ramp, forgot about it, and thought the sails were stolen or lost out of his truck. At that point he could have backed out of the deal. Instead, he gave me the boat and the newly found sails (pretty good condition--not even mildewed!) along with the trailer for $500. So then I found myself in possession of a CL16 in very good used condition. The other day I found another Wayfarer, this one wooden, and it is very cheap. I think I am going to buy that one. Short answer to your question: I am still looking to build. IF people would stop giving me free boats.