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Thread: If it's okay with you I'll sleep in the den.

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    Default If it's okay with you I'll sleep in the den.

    In early November, a family in Lake Tahoe, California, was going about their day when suddenly they heard some strange, loud noises coming from the crawl space below their house. After listening closely and looking around outside, they determined there was a very, very large animal under there.

    It seemed that one of the local bears had been looking for a nice place to sleep for the winter, and when the family accidentally left the door to their crawl space unlocked, he took it as an invitation and decided to settle in. Wanting to help, the couple quickly contacted BEAR League, a group who handles this kind of situation all the time.

    the rest of the story here:

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    I don't think I could bear to throw him out.

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    Default Re: If it's okay with you I'll sleep in the den.

    Bears like to den at the base of large old growth trees that have hollowed out inside at the bottom from being fire killed or just old age . They often have a nice soft layer of dry wood dust to sleep on . Unfortunately modern logging practice flattens everything ... so bears have to make do some other way .
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    Default Re: If it's okay with you I'll sleep in the den.

    Around here, they put up fake nesting sites for Ospreys and Egrets. Why not some man made hibernating shelters?
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