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Thread: Trump likely to be convicted...(experts say)

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    Default Trump likely to be convicted...(experts say)

    Not in the Senate, of course. Of course not. But let's consider a war crime. In the Hague. Seems Iran is preparing a case against our dear leader, and a few experts on the subject seem to think poor harassed Donnie is a mite thin on justification.

    Now I hardly think it likely that we will turn him over to the Hague to stand trial once he's out of office (CERTAINLY NOT while he's actually a president*). But consider what happens should New York find him guilty of tax fraud. After he's out of office. Would we balk at sending an ex-con to stand trial in the Hague?

    Of course this is all academic. Should Iran present a plausible case (highly likely), the Hague can simply try the Donald in absentia. Nothing Pence can do about that. One supposes the Donald could try a mental incompetence defense.
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    Default Re: Trump likely to be convicted...(experts say)

    Like .... but unfortunately a fantasy.

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    Default Re: Trump likely to be convicted...(experts say)

    Fight Entropy, build a wooden boat!

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    Default Re: Trump likely to be convicted...(experts say)

    I'm not sure I'd be so quick to predict.

    I remember Watergate. No way in hell Nixon would have to leave office, til he did.

    Times are different. Current Republican senators have been reliable enablers of Trump.

    Every day seems to bring more evidence, and it may or may not make it into the senate trial, but IT WILL MAKE IT TO THE PUBLIC'S EARS AND EYES.

    Assuming s**t keeps coming out at the current pace, a good deal of it will pile up before the senators vote to remove or acquit.

    There may well be a breaking point. While I'd not count on it, I'd not dismiss it. Some people support Trump because they believe him. Imagine if they come to realize they've been conned?

    Public opinion can change rapidly, and I have no idea how much it will have to change before senators see more personal peril in acquitting than removing.

    People can guess, but I'd be disinclined to predict.
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    Default Re: Trump likely to be convicted...(experts say)

    Probably half a billion people in the world who want to see trump removed from office, and double that number who wish him dead, and he's still there! Dug in like a tick. Could name a line of adhesives after him- "trump- sticks like s##t to a blanket" JayInOz

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