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Thread: One of my co-workers is missing

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    Default One of my co-workers is missing

    I know it's a long shot but I have nothing to lose by posting.

    This is a coworker of mine who has been missing since the 13th. His bank cards were used in florida on the 14th and 15th and no thing since. No phone us, car hasn't been seen, no bank or credit activity, nothing. They are checking the video surveillance where the cards were used but nothing so far.

    He was supposed to be going to florida to go fishing, possibly diving. Rumor is he was having some issues at home, but that's not uncommon in this biz, work is usually the escape from that, especially with the crew we have here. These guys stick together.

    Excellent worker, very knowledgable and capable mechanic, one of our best and most reliable and has now missed around 6 days of work. That just doesn't happen here, not at this job, and not with a guy like him.

    I'm aware the likelihood of getting infor here is pretty slim, but maybe someone knows of a fishing charter that may have seen him or maybe seen his truck parked at a local spot.

    Thanks guys.

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    Default Re: One of my co-workers is missing

    best of luck, I hope nothing nefarious has happened
    "If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito"

    -Dalai Lama

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    Default Re: One of my co-workers is missing

    Good luck, Tom. I read about such things, but more in fiction than fact, and always expect the missing person to be a child. I hope you find your friend well.

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    Default Re: One of my co-workers is missing

    I hope he turns up well.

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    Default Re: One of my co-workers is missing

    The razors edge. Hope he comes up for air.

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    Default Re: One of my co-workers is missing

    I had something similar happen many years ago.

    A young lieutenant, a West Pointer and recent graduate from flight school was assigned to my unit at Ft Ord, CA. A real nice guy, squared away soldier and an ok pilot for a new grad, he vanished one afternoon. The MPs found his car on Post, pulled off to the side of the road leading to the airfield. Checkbook and wallet in the glovebox with no trace of him. A week later a ransom note was mailed to the unit CO demanding a pittance of cash and an apology to some mideast terror group.

    Somehow CID (the Army version of NCIS) tracked him down and brought him in.

    Nervous breakdown. He spent six months in the psych ward and was given a medical discharge. We were never told what triggered it or if they even knew.

    I hope your coworker turns up ok.

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